You are sitting down and have decided to create or update your employee handbook. Then this one question keeps popping into your mind “what should be in my employee handbook?” and the answer you keep coming up with is “I don’t know”.

Here are the items to consider:
• Legalities: non-discrimination (EEO), anti-harassment, non-violence, paydays,
• Benefits: which ones do you offer and when, vacation, sick, PTO
• History of the Company: help people relate to the business and feel part of what makes it successful.
• Policies: attendance, calling in, cell phone usage, travel (if applicable), behavior expectations, time clocks, overtime authorization, etc.

While many handbooks focus on the legalities (which is important) that doesn’t mean it needs to read like a legal document. Have the tone match your culture, be respectful, and break it up into sections.

Lastly – make sure you have an employee acknowledgement page. This is the page that will be placed in the employee file. The employee signs they have received the handbook and understand they are responsible for the contents.

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AARP (American Association of Retired Persons)
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Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)
Chamber of Commerce Central South Mass (CCSM)
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