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HR consulting firms may not come immediately to mind for some small to medium-size businesses (SMBs) as a necessary partner but in reality, HR consulting firms can be a key element in helping even a small business run more efficiently and profitably.

Hiring third-party HR consulting firms such as Melody Beach Consulting can provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Customized, flexible services to fit your specific business needs
  • Reduced onboarding paperwork burden for new employees
  • Fresh, objective perspective on employment and personnel issues
  • Proven HR solutions based on expertise, experience, best practices, and regulatory knowledge

Even organizations with as few as a dozen employees can benefit from working with independent HR consulting firms. Once businesses grow beyond a couple of employees, costs in terms of time and money can increase significantly as the business owner spends more and more time focused on employee issues such as hiring and firing, regulatory compliance, performance reviews, salary disputes, and benefits management.

Of course, instead of considering HR consulting firms, another option is to hire a human resources manager, but salaries for qualified, experienced HR directors can run to $100,000 and more. Organizations with more than a couple of dozen employees need additional HR personnel to handle all the various employee-related tasks, adding the expense and resources needed to operate an HR department.

However, reputable, experienced HR consulting firms such as Melody Beach Consulting Group can bring a strong track record of success to SMBs in a wide range of commercial and industrial occupations. The best ones will readily provide references and testimonials.

To find out more about working with third-party HR consulting firms, contact Melody Beach Consulting Group. Whether its occasional guidance you need, or ongoing, long-term assistance, we can discuss the most cost-effective, efficient ways to get the help you need.

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Northeast Human Resources Association (NEHRA)
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